Product Care


R.V Fresh Bloom Care Instruction

Keep the blooms inside the box, they are happy and safe there!

Our fresh blooms come with enough food for its lifespan, however after one week from purchase, we do recommend to add room-temperature tap-water with a pinch of sugar through the center of the arrangement for longer lasting.

Avoid direct sunlight or any intensive heat source. Cool or room temperature preferred.
Be mindful when holding the R.V Box by ribbon, please ensure no swinging or large movements as it may cause the box to tip over.


Rose Venom Product Care


R.V Timeless Roses Care Instruction

Keep the Timeless Roses inside the box, they have been carefully placed into the box. You may damage the flower/box if attempt to remove!

Please do not water.

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and high humidity!

Keep the arrangement in room temperature.

Please do not put anything on top of the roses as they can damage.

Often gentle dusting recommended.

Rose Venom Product Care