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R.V Roses and R.V Boxes

R.V Timeless Roses

R.V Fresh Blooms:

Our Fresh Blooms are proudly using New Zealand local growers.
Imported Columbian Roses are also our favourite depending on our customer’s needs.

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R.V Timeless Roses

R.V Roses:

R.V’s Timeless Roses are our specialty. The preserved roses are treated with natural alcohol and dye to maintain its fresh appearance for months or even years.

We want to share our love for these beautiful long-life roses locally and provide the best possible qualified preserved roses to nature loving New Zealanders.

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R.V Timeless Roses

Rose Venom Roses


Old perspective:

Flowers wither quickly, especially roses that only last around 10 days - whatever the occasion is (wedding, graduation, proposal, anniversary, birthday, baby gift)

New perspective:

R.V’s Timeless Roses last for 6 months to 1 year.

Provided with our R.V Box, the roses keep their bloom and vibrant colour without the needs of watering and care.


Rose Venom Timeless Roses

R.V Timeless Roses

The R.V Box:

Our lovely R.V Rose Box is designed to be a flower vase. It is semi-water proof.

After the blooms wither, the Box can be recycled or re-used for other purposes as you wish.


Rose Venom Gift Box




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